Abstracts, papers and presentations - Asia Pacific Statistics Week 2020, 15-18 June 2020

Abstracts, papers and presentations - Asia Pacific Statistics Week 2020, 15-18 June 2020

Monday, June 15, 2020
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Monday, 15 June 2020

PS1. Plenary session 1: "A decade of action for the 2030 Agenda: Statistics that leaves no one and nowhere behind" PS1, 10:00-11:30
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Opening remarks (Gemma Van Halderen, Director, Statistics Division, ESCAP) - PPT
Keynote - The Future is Here (Lisa Grace Bersales Professor of Statistics, University of the Philippines and former National Statistician Philippine Statistics Authority) - PPT
Keynote - Inter-regional Collaboration (Oliver Chinganya Director African Centre for Statistics, ECA) - PPT
Overview of the 2020 Asia-Pacific Statistics Week (Rikke Munk Hansen, Chief, Economic and Environment Statistics Section, Statistics Division, ESCAP) - PPT
SA1. How can we empower a statistical system to be responsive to users’ needs? SA1,
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01. Approaching to Users with Statistical Products: An Experience of Decentralized Dissemination of Economic Census Results PDF PPT
02. Measuring Exports of Manufacturing Services in Indonesia PDF PPT
03. Building A Statistics Society through YouTube PDF PPT
04. Inspiration approach towards the use of official Statistics for sustainable development PDF PPT
05. Improving data literacy using liteRate: An R Shiny Apps for visualizing and exploring data published on BPS-Statistics Indonesia’s Website PDF n/a
SB1. How can quality be instilled in official statistics? SB1,
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06. Strengthening the National Statistical System through Language Policy: A Case Study in the Statistical Centre of Iran PDF PPT
07. Integrating user satisfaction in Agriculture statistics: The case of Nepal PDF PPT
08. Price Statistics: collection, reforms, and public confidence in Pakistan PDF PPT
09. Reviewing National Statistical System of Nepal in the New Federal Structure PDF PPT
10. In-depth review and needs assessment of CRVS System to develop an action plan for overall improvement of the system PDF PPT
11. Measuring Maternal Mortality using Civil Registration Data PDF PPT
SC1. Approaches to integrated analysis: use of sound methodologies SC1,
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12. The Use of Mobile Positioning data to Measure Visitors of a Multisport Events: A Case study of ASIAN Games 2018 in Indonesia PDF PPT
13. Statistical Business Process for Big Data Usage PDF PPT
14. Application of the text mining technique to improve the dataset integration in foreign trade price indexes PDF PPT
15. The nutritious foods Price Index and Food Security of Urban and Rural Households in Iran PDF PPT
16. Extended Input-Output Table - Integrated Analysis for Low Carbon Development in Indonesia PDF PPT
17. Comparison of ARIMA, SSA, and ARIMA – SSA Hybrid Model Performance in Indonesian Economic Growth Forecasting PDF PPT

Tuesday, 16 June 2020

SA2. Innovations in meeting the demand for development data SA2,
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18. National Indicator Framework for Monitoring and Evaluation Myanmar Sustainable Development Plan (2018-2030) PDF PPT
19. Decent Work Indicators: A way for policy makers and data users in Pakistan PDF PPT
20. Linked Open Data Implementation for Integrated Dissemination PDF PPT
21. Engaging Users and Investing in Statistics PDF PPT
22. Investing in Statistical Frameworks - Prioritization of Crime and Criminal Justice Statistics PDF PPT
23. Health Inequality and Growth in Developing Countries: Experiences from Indonesia, Pakistan and Philippines PDF PPT
SD1. Six modernization approaches for your statistical business SD1,
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24. Narrative of Digitization-Successful drives from paper to paper less mapping PDF PPT
25. e-survey: Modernisation in data collection of short-term economic survey PDF PPT
26. Mobile data collection application for Time use survey 2019 of Mongolia PDF PPT
27. Probabilistic record linkage: an innovative method to improve the quality of data integration (Case study in Iran) PDF PPT
28. Big Data for Official Statistics: Administrative Area Identification from Plain Text Address PDF PPT
29. Digital Enterprise Architecture to Support Effective and Efficient Statistical Production PDF PPT
SE1. Skills for the 21st Century SE1,
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30. Research on Optimization of Statistical Talent Development PDF PPT
31. kNOwVAWdata: an innovative model for improving skills of national statistical offices to measure and monitor violence against women in Asia and the Pacific PDF PPT
32. Golden principles for ethical and safe interviewing in surveys on violence against women PDF PPT

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SB2. Increasing trust in Official Statistics via transparency on results of quality assessments SB2,
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Flyer, SB2
33. Development of Integrated Analysis with the Development of the Small Area Estimation Model in Inflation data PDF
34. Quality Assessment of Administrative Data for the Census in Indonesia based on Census Test Results PDF PPT
35. Listening the public opinion? An approach from big data with the case of revision GDP in the period 2010-2017 in Viet Nam PDF PPT
36. Statistical Capacity to Report and Monitor the FAO-relevant SDG indicators: The results of the FAO Statistical Capacity Assessment Survey 2018/19 for Asia PDF PPT
37. Performance of the Vital Registration System in the Maldives PDF PPT
SC2. Which way now on the journey towards integrated statistics (1)? Learning from analyses in Pakistan, Indonesia, and perspectives from International Organisations SC2,
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Flyer, SC2
38. Integrating agricultural statistics to face increased data demands PDF PPT
39. Estimation of SDGs indicator for non-sampled area using cluster information PDF PPT
40. SWOT Analysis to Reviewing Business Characteristic (BCS) Survey 2019 for Integrating business and ICT Data in Indonesia PDF PPT
41. Review of Availability, Registration and Quality of Hospital Based Death Statistics and Determining Mortality Patterns by Cause of Death PDF PPT
42. The Use of Mobile Positioning Data (MPD) to Delineate Metropolitan Area in Indonesia PDF PPT
43. Birth registration inequalities: a case study of Pakistan PDF PPT
SD2. Modernisation is a must – six reasons why SD2,
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Flyer, SD2
44. Compilation of Nepal Tourism Satellite Accounts: Opportunities and Challenges PDF PPT
45. Overall Review of Statistical Production Processes from GSBPM perspective: The Case of Kyrgyzstan PDF PPT
46. Implementation of Online Questionnaire in General Household Survey in Hong Kong PDF PPT
47. A Pilot Project of Area Sampling Frame for Maize Statistics: Indonesia’s Experience PDF PPT
48. On the Way of Modernization: A Review of I.R. Iran's Official Vital Statistics from the GSBPM Point of View PDF PPT
49. Harnessing social media data to measuring mental health statistics PDF PPT

Wednesday, 17 June 2020

SA3. Engaging users and data beneficiaries for impact and action by governments and partners SA3,
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Flyer, SA3
50. Statistical Integration for One Data on International Migration PDF PPT
51. Women Empowerment and Correlates: Evidences from the 2017 National Demographic and Health Survey PDF PPT
52. Through sleet and snow: overcoming challenges in the field during the first national study on violence against women in Mongolia PDF PPT
53. From data to action to impact: How Viet Nam has changed in the decade since the first Violence against women prevalence survey PDF PPT
SB3. Novel approaches to assuring quality and instilling trust in Official Statistics SB3,
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Flyer, SB3
54. Trade margin in national accounts: effectiveness of commodity flow approach for credibility escalation PDF PPT
55. Calculation of trade and transport margins in pattern of trade distribution PDF PPT
56. Maximizing completeness of data and instilling trust in birth registration in Afghanistan: Findings from three provinces PDF PPT
57. Integrated Sector Accounts for Turkey PDF PPT
58. Pacific Data Hub: Improved Data Dissemination and Use in Pacific Island Countries PDF PPT
59. Waste Inventory Report - baseline data for SDG 12 PDF PPT
SC3. Which way now on the journey towards integrated statistics (2)? Learning from analyses in Nepal, Indonesia, Korea, and Malaysia SC3,
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Flyer, SC3
60. Employment Relationship in the Brick Industry in Nepal PDF PPT
61. Stochastic Frontier Model with Spatial Effect for Measuring Multifactor Productivity PDF  
62. The Impact of Indonesian-European Union Comprehensive Economic Partnership Agreement (IEU-CEPA) on Indonesia’s Textile and Textile Products Export PDF  
63. Comparison of fertility measures from censuses and vital statistics PDF PPT
64. An Experimental Measure of Malaysia’s Gig Workers Using LFS PDF PPT
65. The Determinants of Malaysian’s Youth Not in Employment, Education or Training PDF  

Session break

SC4. Integrated analysis for the 2030 Agenda SC4,
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Flyer, SC4
66. Review of E-Money Contribution for a Better Quality of Financial System Stability Measurements in Indonesia PDF PPT
67. Importance of PPP, existence of integrated systems, when strengthening National Statistics Office’s Role: In a point of view of a National Accounts Compiler PDF PPT
68. Novel Approach in Outbound Tourism Statistics in the Era of Revolution Industry PDF PPT
69. Study on Measuring the Sustainable of Tourism (MST) in Malaysia PDF  
70. Spatial Analysis: Population Ageing of Multi-ethnic Malaysia in Rural Area PDF PPT
71. Going Beyond Measuring the Rural Access Index in the Philippines PDF PPT
SC5. It’s worth investing in integrated statistics for integrated analysis SC5,
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Flyer, SC5
72. A New Approach Towards Utilizing Administrative Data Sources PDF PPT
73. Identification of poor households for targeting in Nepal PDF PPT
74. Developing Malaysia Business Cycle Clock (MBCC) for A Better Insights on Economic Cycle PDF PPT
75. Temporal Disaggregation Method for Estimating Indonesia’s Monthly Gross Domestic Product PDF PPT
76. Bilateral Support to the Nepal Data Ecosystem PDF PPT
77. Analysis of Input-Output Table : Integrated of Economic Development by Leading Sectors in Indonesia PDF PPT
SD3. Changing what we do: how national statistical systems are transforming statistical business for the better SD3,
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Flyer, SD3
78. Harmonizing Business-Based Surveys Based on Statistics Indonesia’s Business-Based Survey Business Process Reengineering (BPR) PDF PPT
79. Modernization in Compiling Malaysia’s International Investment Position (IIP) through Integrated System PDF PPT
80. Strategy and Practice of Data Middle Platform Construction of NBS PDF PPT
81. Forecasting of International Tourists Arrival in Nepal: An application of ARIMA PDF PPT
82. Utilizing Price Comparison Website to Produce Hedonic Price Index PDF PPT

Thursday, 18 June 2020

PS2. Official Statistics for the 21st century: opportunities under the new normal

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Action Area B: Assuring quality and instilling trust in statistics
Action Area C: Integrated Statistics for Integrated Analysis
Action Area D: Modernizing statistical business processes
Action Area E: Having requisite skills sets