Regional Workshops on Implementing Data Integration in Asia and the Pacific (Round 1)

24 Nov 2020 to 27 Nov 2020
Bangkok, Thailand
By invitation only

Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific (ESCAP) jointly with partners organized a series of regional Workshops on Implementing Data Integration in Asia and the Pacific. Two rounds of identical workshops with the same content were organised at the following dates and hours, duplicated to accommodate participants from different time zones.

ROUND 1 (preferably for countries from western part of the region)
24 November
(12:00-15:00 BKK time)
Data integration from a management perspective
Target group: managers, with experts to participate as observers
25-27 November
(12:00-15:00 BKK time)
Technical issues and solutions for data integration
Target group: experts
27 November
(17:00-18:00 BKK time)
Concluding session
Target group: both managers and experts
Link to ROUND 2 (1-4 December 2020)

These workshops aimed to strengthen awareness and capacity on data integration, with a focus on improving poverty-related statistics. They target official statisticians, both at the management and expert level, from National Statistical Offices (NSOs) as well as other parts of the National Statistical Systems (NSS).